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Computer Output to Microfiche

Computer Output to Microfiche

Yes, we are a service provider for Computer Output to Microfiche

Micrographics Equipment Services Inc., has provided Computer Output to Microfilm (COM) services for many years. Since our company was initially formed to repair COM equipment, we have the internal know how to fix our equipment using our in house technicians.  This knowledge coupled with a wide variety of spare parts helps keep our service levels well above the industry norm.  Contact us for additional information about our Computer Output to Microfiche services.

With our internally written Microfiche Manager software, no job is tool large or too small to run.  Typically we can set up a microfiche job in a day and can output first article samples in a few days. For production, we can run COM at 2 locations on 2 shifts, 6 days a week to provide fast turnaround.  No body does it better or faster! We can accept input from cartridges or via FTP. 

42X and 48X are standards for our Computer Output to Microfiche services.  Many customers prefer microfiche as an arching standard because it has proven longevity of about 100 years, it is easy to store and since it is an analog output, we donít have to worry about the format becoming obsolete.  Microfiche make 50 years ago and fiche made today, can be viewed with the same equipment and can easily be scanned and converted to digital.

If you prefer digital output, COLD, Computer Output to Disc, we can provide with or without FIPS 140-2 encryption

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