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Document Imaging Services and Solutions

Micrographics Equipment Services Inc. uses the 5-POINT DOCUMENT IMAGING PROCESS for all document imaging conversion projects.

  • Prep Preparation can be as simple as picking up your documents and removing staples or as detailed as the customer requires.
  • Scan Our high-quality production scanners are able to produce high-fidelity document images.
  • Index During this important step a human assigns a name or number to the digital image or we utilize barcodes to automatically index the page. The index will allow you to quickly find your page when you search.
  • Index Verification Whether a human or a bar code creates the index, all our document imaging services requires this quality control step. During index verification another person verifies the indexing from step #3 above. Our document imaging process requires different people perform steps #3 and #4.
  • Post-process Deskew During this step, all digital images are electronically re-oriented (or deskewed) to align the pages in an upright position for ease of viewing.
  • Our customers have measured the accuracy of our 5-POINT DOCUMENT IMAGING PROCESS to be 99.96 percent!
  • Document Scanning Boxes

    Media Storage Capacities for Document Imaging

    Typical resolution settings of 200 DPI (dots per inch) produce digital scanning files about 40-50 KB (Kilobyte) per page.

    Media Type

    Capacity in Bytes

    Capacity in Pages

    Standard CD-ROM

    680 MB

    13,600 17,000

    Single-layer recordable DVD

    4.7 GB

    94,000 117,500

    Dual-layer recordable DVD

    8.5 GB

    170,000 212,500

    "Blue-Ray" recordable DVD

    27 GB

    540,000 - 675,000



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