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Microfiche and Micrographics Services

Since 1979, Micrographics Equipment Services, Inc. has been providing customers reliable and competitive solutions to help manage information.  We provide  Document Scanning Services, Microfiche Scanning Services, Microfiche Conversion to Digital, Microfilm Scanning and Conversion, TIFF to PDF, Data Conversion and access to information via WebView EZ TM an online image repository.

Built on the philosophy of treating our customers the way we like to be treated, we add value by improving the efficiency of our customers with prompt and professional service.  With production facilities in the Chicago IL and Nashville TN markets we partner with business and government agencies to manage your most critical asset information. Your information when and where you need it. Service has been the foundation of the company from the beginning.

In addition, we produce microfilm, microfiche, COM (Computer Output to Microfiche), COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disc), COP (Computer Output to PDF) and aperture cards.

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Providing digital data archiving through document imaging service, document scanning and data conversion is our core competency.

  • Digital Medical Records
  • Document Scanning
    Image quality and index accuracy are most important to customers looking for digital scanning services. Our FIVE-POINT scanning service ensures customers the highest quality document imaging service from a registered Federal Government Contractor and low cost scanning service bureau.
  • Data Conversion microfilm scanning, microfiche conversion, TIFF to PDF and text-searchable PDFs are standard data conversion services.
  • Computer Output to Microfiche and Computer Output to Disc



    • 16mm roll microfilm
    • 35mm roll microfilm
    • Microfiche
    • Microfilm
    • paper
    • 9 track 1600/6250 bpi tape
    • 3480/3490 cartridges
    • 4mm & 8mm DAT tape
    • TIFF
    • Word Doc
    • FTP

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